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What is ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

ArcGIS Enterprise Builder is a simple installation and configuration wizard that sets up a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment on a single machine. The Builder works in two parts:

  1. It installs the software on your machine.
  2. Next, it opens a browser window to configure the software. Once complete, you can access both your ArcGIS Enterprise portal and ArcGIS Server Manager.

    You can also use the ArcGIS Enterprise Builder command line utility to configure the software.

    This is useful if you're unable to use a browser to complete configuration, such as when using Ubuntu.

When ArcGIS Enterprise Builder is complete, you can start using ArcGIS Enterprise in your organization to create maps, conduct analysis, and share content through a variety of apps. To learn more about sharing workflows, review steps for sharing maps in a web application.

Get started

When you're ready to get started, start with the installation guide. If you'd like more information about a base deployment and additional recommendations beyond ArcGIS Enterprise Builder installation, review the ArcGIS Enterprise Quick Start Guide.

Limitations of ArcGIS Enterprise Builder

  • It creates a base deployment on a single machine only—it will not create a multimachine base deployment.
  • It standardizes the installation directories for all software components. You cannot customize the installation directory location on a per-component basis.

If any of the these limitations apply to your configuration, consider using another tool to automate your deployment. For on-premises deployments, Esri recommends using Chef to automate installation and configuration. For cloud deployments, learn more about ArcGIS Enterprise on Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. For all other deployments, follow the steps in Tutorial: Set up a base ArcGIS Enterprise deployment to get started.