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What's new in ArcGIS Image Server

ArcGIS Image Server 10.8 includes updates, enhancements, and bug fixes.

If you're upgrading to ArcGIS Image Server 10.8, you must reauthorize your software. You can obtain a new license file from My Esri.

Raster Analysis functions in Map Viewer

146 raster functions are available for complex image processing and raster analysis. The raster functions can be combined into image processing chains using the Raster Function Editor window. Build your raster function template, test it, and apply it to your raster and mosaic datasets staged in your raster data store. The raster function chains, called raster function templates, can be saved and shared with members of your enterprise.

To create your custom raster function template, open your ArcGIS Enterprise Map Viewer, click the Analysis tab and choose Raster Analysis. The Raster Analysis pane will open and display categories of raster analysis operations. At the top of the Raster Analysis pane, click the Create a raster function template to perform complex processing and analysis button Raster Function Editor which opens Raster Function Template window. Drag and drop your raster functions displayed in the pane into the work space, double-click on the function in the editor to specify parameter settings. See Apply raster function templates to imagery in ArcGIS Enterprise portal for more details about how to build, apply and share raster function chains.

Create image content

ArcGIS Image Server 10.8 supports multidimensional data options to:

  • Expose NetCDF/Grib/HDF raster types
  • Create Image Collections (Mosaic Dataset)

Additional post-processing options on the Item page are available to:

  • Build footprints
  • Color correction
  • Build seamlines
  • Define NoData
  • Build statistics
  • Build overviews

ArcGIS Ortho Maker

Enhancements to ArcGIS Ortho Maker include:

  • The ability to create a project with drone imagery in a registered data store
  • Support RedEdge and Altum sensors
  • Generate point clouds from cloud images
  • GCP support vertical coordinate system
  • Project sharing
  • Global elevation raster data setup

Multidimensional raster analysis

Support is available for multidimensional raster input and output for raster analysis tools.

New tools and tasks are exposed from the ArcGIS REST API and include:

Deep learning

Support is available for the following:

  • Deep learning raster analysis service for single node multiple GPU parallel processing
  • Support input raster from data store

ArcGIS REST API tasks and tools

Other tools