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Raster analysis tools in ArcGIS

Raster analysis functions, tools, templates, and APIs are used to power your projects and solutions and are exposed throughout ArcGIS. This topic is a resource to provide direct links to more details describing common tools and use cases.

For descriptions of Raster Analysis, and overviews of how to deploy a Raster Analytics system, refer to the articles and blogs below.

For more information about Raster Analytics, refer to Distributed Processing with Raster Analytics.

ArcGIS Enterprise portal tools

Raster analysis tools are exposed in ArcGIS Enterprise through Map Viewer ArcGIS Pro clients. See Perform Raster Analysis for an overview of tools, and implementation details such required privileges and prerequisites using Map Viewer. Other topics listed in the table of contents include using and editing raster function templates, performing deep learning, and more.

ArcGIS Pro tools

ArcGIS Pro allows you to manage, process, analyze, visualize, and share your imagery and raster data through the Raster Analysis portal. For additional details, review raster functions using distributed processing.

Raster analysis service tasks, tools, and function templates

A Raster Analysis service is exposed through the ArcGIS REST API and contains a large suite of tasks to address your applications. Tasks are arranged into logical groupings, and enable you with the flexibility to use them in processing scripts. For additional details and common use patterns, review an overview of the Raster Analysis service, raster analysis service tasks and list of raster functions to customize raster analysis . Detailed operations and parameters are located within the raster analytics tasks and context sections.

ArcGIS API for Python module

The arcgis.raster module contains classes and raster analysis functions to work with raster data and imagery layers. For more information about this module and available submodules, review the ArcGIS API for Python documentation.


ArcGIS provide extensive tools and capabilities to perform raster analysis across the ArcGIS platform. The links above provide gateways to utilize tools, tasks, and processing templates via ArcGIS Enterprise portal, REST APIs, Python APIs, and ArcGIS Pro.