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Layer: 1999 El of Tern Island Points (ID: 13)

Parent Layer: Investigation Location for 1999 EI of Tern Island

Name: 1999 El of Tern Island Points

Display Field: labels

Type: Feature Layer

Geometry Type: esriGeometryPoint

Description: <a href="{3B15B72F-6E35-4585-A2F4-C6DDE0D29467}">Full Metadata</a> USCG personnel conducted a subsurface sampling investigation of Tern Island in September 1997. This study used the same base transect line (located north of the runway) created for the WCFS survey in 1997 so that any locations with detections could be spatially related to new detections. The event consisted of using portable hand-held augering equipment to collect soil samples from depths of 3 to 5 ft bgs. These samples were taken from areas that had been determined to have subsurface anomalies during the WCFS survey. A total of 37 soil samples were collected and analyzed for total PCBs, lead, chromium, cadmium, and mercury. No PCBs were detected in the soils above the detection limit of 2 mg/kg (URS, 1999). One sample showed elevated lead concentrations of 939 mg/kg. Baseline lead values were determined to be approximately 23.4 mg/kg in soil at Tern Island (URS, 1999).

Copyright Text: USEPA Region 9, GIS Center

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